Silk purse from a sow’s ear…….transforming a second hand lounge

Do you see what I mean?

Do you see what I mean?


VERY comfortable

VERY comfortable

Well, I’ve mentioned I’m movIng house. Tomorrow is ‘D Day’ and in a strange sort of way  I think I’m looking forward to it. Probably looking forward to getting it over with and  the deeper I get in, the closer I am to coming out the other side.

Anyway, I’ve been given a second hand blue leather lounge and I’m going to put it in the new place. But I’m not exactly over the moon about it ……….not entirely my taste. So I’ve decided to make a project out of styling the room around it. My objective is to make it into a showpiece with cushions and other bits and pieces, you know, use it as a blank canvas.

The lounge consists of a two and a half seater and a very comfortable single. The best part of the package was actually a  fabulous big ottoman that I loved. But unfortunately the suite was housed in the garage under the house and there was a slow leak in the water pipe and …………..well suffice it to say, it took 3 men to lift the swollen, waterlogged and totally ruined ottoman, out of the garage. I left it out in the sun for 3 weeks hoping the water might evaporate. But no go……. It still looked like a big blue bowling ball…..a faded one.

I was so disappointed.

But never mind………..I might cover an ottoman as well ie make a positive out of a negative? Anyway, I wanted to show you a ‘before’ shot of the lounge.

This is a better shot of the do you see what I mean?

This is a better shot of the colour… do you see what I mean?


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