The important things in life…………

Well the move is over. We are here. And I have to say it went well. I challenge anyone to find three more committed men than the three who ferried us from A to B. The way they worked together is testament to the benefits of ‘teamwork’. They were friendly, cheery, efficient and accommodating and honestly, by the end of the exercise I would have trusted them with my life!

They were adept, to say the least, at moving anything and everything with a minimum of fuss…….and they were always happy to go the extra mile. Yes. I trusted them. And that’s the highest accolade a removalist can earn. Trust.

Of course it goes without saying that there are some things that you would never send in the removalist van. Not because you don’t trust the removalists but because these things are too valuable in spiritual ways (eg parents and babies) and you need to be absolutely certain that they arrive in the condition in which they left. So you leave a bit of room in your car and personally transport them after the house has been completely emptied. The beauty of this strategy is that you always know where they are……….you don’t have to spend weeks opening and then re-sealing boxes, looking for them.


And you can get back into it before you’ve even unpacked. Yes. I am guilty!!!!!


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