Bowral tulip (and fabric!) festival

Well we were warned before we got there that recent gusts in Bowral had wiped out the festival and we did get in for half price but…………….well we were expecting to see some tulips. This was more like a stem festival!

Not really. It was beautiful. The tulips had taken a battering, no doubt but it was actually still quite breathtaking………..a ‘good for the soul’ experience.



Bowral doesn’t do things by halves and the tulip festival is testament to that.


Of course no trip to Bowral would be complete without a quick stop at Berrima Patchwork. But the stop was anything but quick. The range of fabrics and embellishments in this multi roomed establishment is mind blowing! It is definitely worth a visit. But you need a whole day.

As it happened, Berrima turned out to be a hive of activity. The local pub was hosting a sausage sizzle competition. I’m not quite sure what the objective was but it looked like fun, drew a crowd and the snags smelt fantastic.


I thoroughly enjoyed the day and came home armed with fabric of course. The Southern Highlands of NSW is a beautiful neck of the woods. The countryside is spectacular, the shops are are stacked with quality, unique products and the food is world class.

And what would top off a perfect day I ask you? A quick project. So I managed to sneak in a couple of cushions while burning the midnight oil.




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