Sewing is a headache!

Tonight is the first night …… I can’t remember how long…….I haven’t bothered to get the sewing machine out. Do you ever have one of those weekends where you decide you will never ever sew again? Honestly, for all my sins this weekend, all I finished up with is this…..


I started out on Thursday with an armful of fabric I couldn't live without. The first piece was a beautiful piece of what I thought was gunmetal sequins, to make a feature pillow to go with 4 others. This is it…..

Now don’t get me wrong. The fabric is beautiful but it just didn’t work with the colour scheme. In fact, I can’t believe I got it so wrong. Never mind, onwards and upwards etc etc

So for my next trick I moved on to my beautiful piece of pastel blue and white linen. This was the goods! Fabric and pattern combined to promise a strappy sundress completely at home on the deck of a millionaire’s yacht in the middle of the Caribbean! This could not fail. Linen never fails. And the pattern? Simple! I was guaranteed to look like the model on the envelope. No risk! A bit of fake tan and doors would open for me in that dress!

The result? Pure unadulterated frump! Nothing more. Nothing less. And I’m not including an image because I am going to have another crack, you know, turn a negative into a positive etc etc.

Anyway, I dusted myself off and went to Bev’s Remnant House in Bourke Street ( which is to die for incidentally). I went looking for fabrics to transform my daughter’s bedroom (and replicate for Pillow Parlance – my Etsy shop). My daughter asked for the colours of summer melons. Now I knew what she meant and I thought that would be lovely. But it turned out to be quite a tall order. So after hours of pulling every fabric off the shelf, I settled for this……

No this is not summer melons. I know that. But I think it is a lovely combination. Cost me an arm and a leg but after the gunmetal and the linen I decided, I may as we’ll be hung for a sheep as a lamb. Anyway, I bounced in the door thrilled to the back teeth and showed them to my daughter and her response was………..’hmmmmmm’ ( but not in a positive way).

So right now, I am going to bed….sworn off sewing forever.

Oh, one more thing, a positive. When the gunmetal didn’t work, I used silver sequins instead and I was very happy with that.

Good night!


One thought on “Sewing is a headache!

  1. I have definitely had days like that. I made a skirt this summer that was so amazing on the hanger and when I put it on I looked like a hot air balloon. Now it hangs in my closet as a constant reminder not to have that second cookie!

    The silver sequins worked out great!

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