Work life balance again………sewing on the bus?


Sewing on the train was one thing…….definitely scope for improving work life balance by incorporating relaxing craft into the commute. But the bus is a different story.

I’ve just moved. This means I’ve swapped a 25km commute by train to a 7km commute by bus. Now I love the reduced travel time, don’t get me wrong. But I am really struggling with bus ‘culture’. I just don’t get it. I’m usually a pretty fast learner but this has got me beat! There are rules of etiquette on the bus that I cannot seem to grasp and I am far from enjoying my new mode of travel. 5 weeks in and I’m still getting dirty looks!

Consider this. On my first day, I climbed on board all smiles. I had the right ticket and everything so I could move smartly down the aisle like a pro… one would have guessed it was my first time. Sure enough, half way down the bus I spotted a spare seat. Keen to be accepted, I smiled at the woman siting there and sat down. No sooner had I smoothed my coat tails underneath me than she turned and snarled ‘can you move your coat please? It’s very uncomfortable’. I must have accidentally touched her with the belt and she didn’t like it one bit. Well I was confused because that wouldn’t happen on the train. On the train it’s a given that your brief case might touch your neighbour’s shoe, or in a 3 seater, coat arms might touch……..but that’s ok.

Anyway, I’ve kept trying. But somehow, on another day, I think I accidentally jumped the queue and boy oh boy did that get me some looks! But how was I to know? You see, a queue can stretch up and down a road. People join it from both ends so how do you know which is the front? And also, how do you know which bus they’re waiting for? All the buses stop at the same stop! It’s very confusing yet, it’s governed by language that the others seem to speak.

But if you think the above is bad, the whole ‘pram’ thing is by far the worst. Now, you can sit on a pram seat as long as you are prepared to stand up when a parent with a pram gets on. You have to believe me…..I am 100% ok with this….no risk. But seriously, some of those pram drivers are so aggressive about asserting their pram rights that I find myself travelling with my nose pressed against the window looking toward the next stop to see if one is about to get on because I do not want to be the recipient of some very nasty body language! It’s awful!

And the seats are too small!!!!!!! Bus seats do not fit 2 people….that’s a fact!

Look, I’ll learn the lingo and in no time will be blogging about rude people on the bus (aka poor innocents who just don’t know the rules) but for now, give me the train any day. So long as you keep your mobile on silent in the ‘quiet’ carriage, it’s a much more relaxed ride.


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