Ready to do my first market…………..

And guess what………I’m not doing it! And I feel a million bucks for having made the decision! You see, I don’t want to…….I mean I really don’t want to. I just felt I had to, you know, try and get some Australian market for Pillow Parlance. But I’ve been so dreading it………..more than you can imagine. As I’ve said, I find selling my own personal craft very confronting. There’s just so much of me in my pillows that the thought of the general public looking them up and down and deciding they don’t want them is too much for my fragile ego to bear. If you think I am thin skinned, hypersensitive, precious and a bit ‘touched’………you are absolutely right!

So now I can rest a bit. I’ve spent the last week hunched over the machine burning the candle at both ends, making stock for the markets. It hasn’t been fun……even with my new overlocker.

But today I’m back on to more inspiring projects. I started with bows to go on hair clips and combs. I made some for my daughters and one for myself and then a couple to put into birthday presents. Then I thought of adding them to Etsy orders, as a small surprise gift. The bows are a really fun project because they look lovely and only take a couple of minutes to make.
Cushion made from a quilt
My most rewarding project this weekend was this cushion I made from a quilt. I just love the cushion ………and I love the notion of refashioning. It is just so sensible. This was my most rewarding project but this (below) is my favourite………I love this cushion
I think the colours in this fabric are beautiful. And it’s a lovely linen…sewed like a dream.

Incidentally…… may remember the cushions I made for my daughter……..the ones that elicited a very luke warm response. Well she came clean tonight……..she hates them!!!!!!! Do you believe it? Lucky I have Pillow Parlance. I think I will sell them as a story. She’s decided she wants a silver black and charcoal scheme and I have to admit, much more interesting!image

And one more thing…………..



4 thoughts on “Ready to do my first market…………..

  1. I completely understand. I had a show today. At one point I had someone manhandle every pillow I made, ask me why I didn’t pay this fabric with that, talked to me about making a custom runner to match two pillows, kept me occupied and ignoring other customers – and then said she would “think about it” and be back later. Of course I never saw her again. Fortunately I met a bunch of other lovely people and had a good day, but I have to admit that she got me going for a minute. Your work is awesome and your daughter sounds a lot like mine. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Erin……that makes me feel better! The public can be quite insensitive to the fact that there is an emotional investment in one’s craft and unthinking comments can be very cruel.

      But you shouldn’t need to worry. I have seen your work and your level of professionalism and to be honest, it has left me feeling so below par and ill equipped for the markets that it helped me make the decision not to do it! So rest assured you present as the consummate professional!

      Have a good day (?night)

      Jane Sent from my iPad


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