Christmas presents that hit the spot……………

Remember I told you I gave my niece a sewing lesson for Christmas? Well we’ve had the lesson and I’d have to say it was a rip roaring success……a bit on the exhausting side but definitely a success.

Well we scheduled it for straight after Christmas because Amelie was so excited. She invited her friend Emily to come along and that was probably the trickiest part of the whole day ie getting ‘Amelie’ mixed up with ‘Emily’. Needless to say both A and E were either too thick skinned or excited to care if I called them by the wrong name……….a bit of both I suspect.

I arrived to pick them up at 10am and didn’t even have to knock on the door because they heard the car and came running out to meet me. Both were dressed up for the day out in their new chic Christmas outfits …………..incidentally, identical stretch leopard skin leggings. We drove to Spotlight to choose patterns and fabric and I was impressed by their confidence and individuality (identical leopard skin leggings notwithstanding – I think that was an accident). They absolutely knew their own minds and were eloquent in their descriptions of what they did and didn’t like. I really loved the fact that their faces lit up when they realised they could choose from ‘all those fabrics’…….the mark of true craftspeople! Of course, they did need a bit of guidance…….they were desperate to make dresses out of the lime fluoro swimwear fabric……..but they were easily swayed and finally settled on spots…….both of them …….retract the comment about individuality!

I gave them a couple of options for patterns and we settled on a maxi skirt and or those pants that have a deliberately baggy crutch….I don’t know what they are called.


This is them hard at it. Because I am not a completely ‘giving’ person, I bought a cheap sewing machine for them (and my daughters) to learn on……..I couldn’t risk mine. I had mine at the ready to do the tricky parts or fix the mistakes like sewing along the fold line that had been cut.

For the most part, they made the whole garment by themselves. I didn’t do much at all. Both absolutely loved using the sewing machine and were surprisingly adept for young first timers. They ‘got it’ first time. There were of course some ‘fitting’ issues but hey, isn’t that what sewing is all about? It is for me anyway.



You will see that Amelie is actually wearing ‘take 2….the maxi skirt.

I have to say I was also very flattered that they saw my cushions and decided that they really loved cushions so we crammed a couple of those into the session as well. Overall we had a great day. My daughter made some beautiful cup cakes (my recipe but a million times better than mine ever turn out………..I think I underestimate the young!) and we had those for lunch after our ham sandwiches ……..we didn’t do the morning tea because we were flat out just getting the job done.

I didn’t manage to get as many photos as I would have liked because I was on the job all day. I re threaded the machine about 65 times and my 13 year old re threaded it the other 65 times!

I fell asleep on the lounge at 6pm.


2 thoughts on “Christmas presents that hit the spot……………

  1. Looking forward to seeing these two young ladies on the crafting circuit very soon, they did an amazing job 🙂

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