This was going to be about my summer wardrobe but…………

…….I thought you might find this more interesting……I’ll come back to the wardrobe because that’s also interesting. But what I am about to show you is a beautiful part of the world and well worth a look. Do you know, I soak up every word I read on these blogs to give me some insight into the Northern Hemisphere and its climate. I am fascinated by it because I struggle with the humidity of Sydney in the Summer……….I have a Northern hemisphere genotype trapped in a southern climate. And the two don’t mix. So I drool over your coats and snow and boots and hand knitteds and dream about ways to escape the humidity.

So I wondered if the reverse might also be true? Do you yearn for long humid Summers? Anyway, to get back to this post, these are my holiday snaps of The Great Ocean Road and the Twelve Apostles (not really 12) in Victoria. Temperatures soared to 43 C…….perfect for snakes.

I hope you enjoy my snaps  as much as I enjoy yours.












One thought on “This was going to be about my summer wardrobe but…………

  1. Yearn for long summers, love your photos, especially the cliff warning, why would anyone even want to go near the edge !!!!! I can see all I need to from about a mile away thank you,

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