The wow factor vinyl skirt……….that nearly did me in.

My daughter fell in love with the most magnificent vinyl skater skirts on a UK website. The skirts came in the most beautiful pastel shades with a clear vinyl overlay and a prohibitive price tag. Buying one was absolutely out of the question.

“Do you think you could make me one Mum?” She asked about a week later. (Not a chance in the world, I thought. Not that heavy vinyl on my sensitive machine……frankly, I couldn’t think of a worse project). ” I don’t think you can buy that clear vinyl, love”, I lied. And out came google and for the first time ever, I cursed Spotlight for having exactly what I hoped they wouldn’t………….clear vinyl! I was staring down the gun barrel at that rotten skirt. I just didn’t want to make it.

To make matters worse, the fabric she chose to go under the vinyl was a lawn. Now I was adamant that you couldn’t put a lawn, with no body at all, under a thick heavy tablecloth plastic. It just wouldn’t work. But she was insistent. She had to have it. She wanted that pink and there was just no substitute.

Now as negative as I was about embarking on this project in which I had no confidence, I couldn’t help but feel like a chip off the old block telling her the lawn wouldn’t work. And I didn’t like the feeling. My mother was rigid in her adherence to certain rules when it came to sewing and I always felt that it stifled my creativity. Mum just wouldn’t break the rules. So I did! I lived dangerously and bought the lawn!

Well I don’t intend boring you with the details of the construction except to say that I thought it would difficult. But it was IMPOSSIBLE! The skirt was lined of itself and the vinyl was a third layer. Cutting out the vinyl was bad because the only way I could get the pattern to remain still was to sticky tape it down and this left marks on the vinyl. But lining it up with the skirt seams was even worse. It slipped all over the place. And of course ironing the extremely wrinkled lawn was a nightmare because I couldn’t put the iron anywhere near the vinyl.

My daughter wanted to wear it to a birthday party and after quite a few more hours than I had anticipated, I finished it……literally 10 minutes before she had to leave.

But do you know what? The skirt was magnificent. It really looked lovely on her. But remember the prohibitive price tag? I would pay twice that next time!









2 thoughts on “The wow factor vinyl skirt……….that nearly did me in.

  1. This is the skirt your daughter will always remember that you made for her, that memory alone is worth 3 x the price tag of the unattainable article and you did a fantastic job, how cute does your young lady look…. a real head turner….you’ve done yourself proud ❤

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