Puppies and sewing and knitting

I am trialling a new product for my Etsy shop…….knitted cushion covers. The covers are knitted in garter stitch on a large needle in a variety of beautiful shades of cotton. The idea is to line the cover in an identical shade of cotton fabric because the beauty of these covers will undoubtedly be in the shades. But finding the exact shade was not as easy as it sounds. Enter Berrima Patchwork – http://www.berrimapatchwork.com.au.

This is just the most fabulous shop. I couldn’t take any photos because they don’t allow it…….which is a pity because the 4 rooms of wall to wall stunning fabrics is nothing short of eye candy! I am going to plan a full day’s excursion without the kids so I can really drink it in. Anyway, I got what I needed.

Now just to get back to the kids for a second, let me tell you how I ended up at Berrima. My two girls have nagged me senseless for a dog. I love dogs but……….well I sort of feel like I’ve only just been liberated from children and I have baulked at getting tied down with another ‘baby’. Anyway, I finally agreed to go and ‘look’ ie “………..we are just looking, kids, we’re not getting one.” So we drove down to Goulburn to ‘just look’ and this is what we found:


Now tell me honestly, could you walk away from that face? No. Me neither. Smart kids! So we’ve left a deposit on Frankie (Frankie Jane if I have my way) and we pick her up in 2 weeks. She is absolutely beautiful.

Meanwhile, this is another style of cushion that I have knitted.

This is a beautiful yarn with a metallic thread through it. I was really pleased with the finished product. And last but not least, my new floral range.



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