Frank is waiting for an invitation to bed…………..

Well it’s ‘Frankie’ actually and this is she…….


Isn’t she lovely? Frankie is my brand new pink bellied 9 week old Jack Russell pup. And……the reason why I am still up in the wee small hours of the morning. Yes, she is beautiful. But I had forgotten how much work puppies are and how impossible it is to do anything unless they are asleep. I have been trying to fill this order all weekend. But if she is not trying to chew the cord on the sewing machine she is nipping at my toes while I am working the pedal. And her little teeth are razor sharp.

So I am sewing while she is in bed. But she’s not really asleep. She’s got one eye on me the whole of the time………she’d much rather my bed than hers.

As far as my order goes, I thought I’d show you. You know, I am definitely a natural fibres person …….for a whole lot of reasons. But somehow the girl in me absolutely loves this fabric. I am really tickled by the bling. This is an order that is going to the UK.

The photo doesn’t really do the fabric justice but seriously, this is just magnificent. The tiny little sparkling sequins conjure up all sorts of images….all of them good!

And now……..good night………”come on Frankie, bed time”.



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