What’s on in Sydney over Easter?

Well I really don’t know because I didn’t bother to find out. I met a girlfriend for lunch on Saturday and was invited to lunch on Easter Sunday but other then that, I didn’t do much at all. And I had a fantastic weekend! It was so productive.

First of all, I bought a chair from Reverse Garbage. I just loved it and will happily repair it and strip it back before painting it. But in the meantime, I will paint it all sorts of colours and use it for shots of my cushions. This is the chair…..

The chair I bought for $8

The chair I bought for $8


If you think I have done a lousy paint job on it you are absolutely right. I didn’t sand it strip it or even clean it. I just sprayed it with this beautiful fire engine red. And I’m thrilled with it because look how good it looks as a backdrop for my cushions…..imageimage
I just love it!

Anyway, back to my sewing. I had been saving this fabric……I’m a sucker for florals and sometimes I think I buy them just so I can look at them………but I really like the fabric in cushions.

They look really elegant with some of my other prints in pink tones.

I also managed to complete another cushion in my ‘knitted’ range. This is almost a slate tone but looks more teal in the afternoon sun. I am looking forward to completing the whole range which is now becoming a bit boring ie not the range itself but the hack work in putting it all together. I’ve finished all the knitting and I don’t mind constructing the cushion. But it’s tedious work sewing the facing to the knitted front – I have to force myself to do it.


The project I enjoyed most this weekend was the black sequinned cushion. I absolutely adore this fabric because I cannot resist a bit of sparkle. I bought this as a remnant from Tessuti and the cushion is absolutely beautiful. It would make a fabulous statement piece. And what I like most about it is that it is ‘bling’, but in a subtle way.

I am really looking forward to mixing and matching this one…when I have a bit more time.

And now for the piece de resistance! I had a marvellous time at Tessuti’s at Surry Hills. That shop is so inspiring. Just being there makes me happy. Well, this time ’round a fabulous black and white polka dot caught my eye and I couldn’t leave the shop without it. This fabric is a silky jersey (knit) and I had just the pattern for it. So I burnt the midnight oil on Saturday night to get it finished for Easter Sunday and seriously, it sewed like a dream! It was the most beautiful fabric to work with…..the dress almost made itself………


Yes I had a great weekend!!!! The sun was shining and the weather was perfect….a beautiful Sydney Autumn weekend……warm sunny days and clear blue skies. What better way to spend it than hunched up inside over a sewing machine eating chocolate!


7 thoughts on “What’s on in Sydney over Easter?

  1. I am coming to Sydney for two days in two weeks for work. Any recommendations for must see fabric shops? Or, must see anything for that matter? 🙂 I will have some down time each day and want to do some exploring. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

    • Hi Erin……apologies for the delay but I have been struck by an awful bout of tonsillitis!!!

      I will get back to you with some recommendations. But if you would like, and depending on your schedule, I would be happy to meet up with you for a morning/ afternoon and take you around Surry Hills to the 3 outlets that I frequent. In any event, I will send you the details.


      • Jane that would be amazingly awesome. I would love that. I will look for your contact info on the blog and email you. I am Erin holmqvist at gmail dot com.

        Hope you are feeling better!

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