I loathe people who obsess over their pets!

That is, I used to.

Now I cringe when I think of the hard time I gave my mother for treating her dachshunds like children. She had quite a few over the years….all called either Fred or Al……the names became interchangeable. And they were so unpopular because we all had to walk on egg shells around them……Fred/Al was held in far higher esteem than any of the grandchildren ever were. Al/Fred was allowed to walk on Mum’s clean floor, even if it was still wet! And if he brought his bone into the house, all Mum would say was ‘no darling, you can’t eat your bone in the house……well maybe just for a little while.” While we, her children, had to park our prams at the front door so we didn’t mark Mum’s floors!!!!

And now…….I think I’ve turned into Mum!


It happened at Spotlight today when I went to buy an insert for this cushion and suddenly found myself looking at polar fleece and thinking ‘…..wouldn’t this look nice in Frankie’s bed!’ And within about half an hour, at dinner time but before I’d fed the kids, Frankie had a new bed.imageimage

And talk about gratitude! I think I finally get Mum.

Incidentally, the ribbons are for her to chew on if she gets bored while I am at work.


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