Learning from other bloggers……….

I was very fortunate to spend a few hours last week with fellow Etsian and blogging friend, Erin Holmqvist, when she passed through Sydney on her way to Melbourne, from the States. We had a thoroughly enjoyable morning browsing through my favourite fabric haunts, and talking ten to the dozen.

We started at the Fabric Store, stopped off at Tessuti’s and finished off with Bev’s Remnants and then St Jude’s for coffee, cake and more talking.

I came home armed with a new cushion cover that Erin had made for me, a fabric in bold tones featuring NYC landmarks and truck loads of inspiration! The inspiration was the best bit. Erin was so full of energy and enthusiasm that I couldn’t help but benefit from her experience. In fact, so generous was she with her tips that I have decided to pay it forward.

This is what I learnt:
1. Productivity can be increased by devoting time and resources to a specific task. For example, instead of making a cushion from start to finish, over say a week, devote one day to cutting only, another to inserting zippers only, another to sewing seams etc etc

2. Never throw out any fabric…….utilise all scraps for squares

3. At the beginning and end of each machining session, sew two squares together. When you have a large pile, assemble the quilt (which will be half done by the time you get to it)

4. Quilt as you go

5. Expand your product range to incorporate pieces that don’t necessarily reflect your taste……remember, everyone has different taste.

Do you have any tips for increasing productivity?


Pictured above is the beautiful cushion cover that Erin made me. And below are the cushions that I made from the fabric she brought me.

They go really well with my lounge suit.

I also want to tell you what Erin and I agreed are the secrets to success.
1. Give! Give! Give! And keep giving………it always comes back.
2. Don’t worry about your ideas being stolen. It doesn’t matter how much your work is copied, no one can do it the way you do. The unique selling feature of your product is the part of you that has gone into it.
3. Share your ideas.

And…….to show you just how productive I’ve been…….





Have a great week.


One thought on “Learning from other bloggers……….

  1. Jane, you are so very kind. This is a great post and I think what you all learning are actually largely things we came up with together. Your statement cushions are amaZing and I am inspired by your work. I did a craft show this weekend and sold two sequined pillows so you really do know the US market!!!

    Look forward to other fabric adventures with you!!! Hugs.

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