Getting cool in Sydney……

So I’ve actually found myself doing one of my other favourite things………watching movies. And of course knitting, when I don’t have pressing hand sewing to do. Well no, that’s not really the whole truth. Like all of you, I have several (hundreds?) projects on the go at once and there is always something pressing so it’s more about the flavour of the month……..and at the moment it’s knitting. More about that in the next post.

Anyway, I really wanted to show you my cot quilt. I got the inspiration from my blog friend Erin and decided to work the quilt around this beautiful panel.


I matched it with an aqua and white spot and a red and white spot, quilting as I went. I backed the quilt with a heavy calico and bound it in red. And I love it!



It almost makes me wish I had another baby!


But I’ve got one! Check the bone in her bed……..And the quilt cover I made her, complete with ribbons so she has something to undo!

Have a good weekend and I will curl up with August: Osage County.


5 thoughts on “Getting cool in Sydney……

  1. Great job!!! Congrats.

    Let me know how you liked the movie. I watched in the long flight home. Won’t spoil and discuss until you confirm you watches it. 😀

  2. OMG that puppy is so cute I wanna squish her! By squish I mean cuddle, and give her belly rubs and play fetch with her and… well, you get the idea… She reminds me of my boy Monty when I first brought him home… Sadly, after 14 years with the Montster we had to say goodbye but what a glorious 14 years we had with him! Love the quilt too, but that puppy… Looks like she loves her quilt cover too 😉

  3. I do get what you mean and do you know, I just can’t believe how much I enjoy her. She is unbelievably cute and funny……she has me in fits…..and she is so soft and….well therapeutic really…….she relaxes me ( when she is not ripping things apart!). And I understand about Monty……..that’s the sad thing about pets……they don’t last long enough and break our hearts. Thanks for quilt comments. Jane

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