How can I throw out this sentimental quilt?


The short answer is…..I can’t. I just can’t. I made it for my 13 year old daughter when she was 3 and she’s had it on her bed ever since. And it is in a disgraceful condition.


But it’s so much a part of our narratives ……….mine and hers. Full of memories……..including the hole that Tibbar made ( Tibbar was her rabbit……’Tibbar’ is ‘rabbit’ spelt backwards) on one of those stinking hot February days when she’d bring him inside to sit on her bed and cool off under the ceiling fan. She thought Tibbar making a hole in the handmade quilt was cute! I was furious.


But children grow up of course and fairies cease to become the flavour of the month. Now of course she is a highly sophisticated serious young woman.


So it’s time to upgrade the quilt. She doesn’t like patchwork anymore so I won’t force upon her, the sampler quilt I painstakingly made on her request. Instead, I have let her decide what she wants. And this is it:

It’s a plain blue quilt cover with white polar fleece backing for warmth. And I actually think the bed looks very pretty. We are going to make the quilt into cushions so we don’t have to say good bye to it just yet.


3 thoughts on “How can I throw out this sentimental quilt?

  1. Nooooo…. don’t cut it up!!! 🙂 It is so sweet. Maybe her daughter will want it some day, or it can be framed. LOL, of course you should do whatever you want – I am just goofy sentimental when it comes to quilts. Her current bed is quite lovely and mod!

  2. Thanks Erin…I’m pleased for your feedback ….i would love to keep it or frame it and i dont really want to cut it up but it is so tattered! i guess i thought the best way to preserve it would be to cut out and use the good parts. but happy for any suggestions because i have found that all my quilts end up perishing from use…..even though i have used quality fabrics….soul destroying really.

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