Vintage tea towels as cushion covers

imageI recently saw a collection of the most beautiful cushions made from vintage tea towels……you know, those beautiful Irish linen ones that were too good to use in the kitchen?

So I’ve been on a mission to find some. The only criteria it has to meet is that it has to be unused and it has to be good quality. This is what I’ve found so far…



And the top image is one you’ve already seen in ‘Cushions for a wine bar’. What I love most is the depth of colour……and the linen is a dream to sew.

And I love the 1950s housewife feel……..yes….you heard right……..embracing the feel of the 1950s housewife……complete with pretty apron, pearls on while cooking the vegies, high heels and perfectly coiffured hair (and 16 inch waist that only comes from all that beautiful home cooking). Oops! Gotta run….family stirring…….need to reapply lippy and find my pearls……where’s that other stiletto??????


8 thoughts on “Vintage tea towels as cushion covers

  1. It’s so bizarre to read this post because I just had my vintage tea towel collection out and was considering which one to use for a cushion cover. I have a great retro sydney tea towel in fabulous nick…just not sure what to do with for the backing/underside. Oh and by the way, I am in love with that koala pillow case.

    • Thank you! It’s unbelievable isn’t it? I think it’s the law of attraction… think about something and it pops up! I’ll look forward to seeing you Sydney pillow!!!!

    • Hi Frances……and so much fun looking for them! Will definitely check out your blog and follow with interest. Have a look at the transformation of my daughter’s room……most from Vinnies.

      • Hi there. After seeing how amazing your cushion covers turned out in this post, I spent all morning searching for vintage tea towels! If I went looking for something else I’m sure I would have found loads, but no suck luck today! šŸ™‚

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