A change of scenery………


Have you ever seen or heard of Berrima Patchwork? It’s the lolly shop of patchwork on the Southern Highlands, a bit over an hour from Sydney. Honestly, it’s unbelievable! The range is vast to say the least……..but it isn’t just the size of the range it’s the choice of fabrics. The fabrics are just out of this world. And there are lots of other inspirational bits and pieces too. Just the shop itself is a whole day out…….and really, not just for quilters. It’s a shop for anyone who sews. It’s definitely worth a browse on http://www.berrimapatchwork.com.au.

Anyway, the scene above is a shot I took when I was looking for something. And what was I looking for? An interesting backdrop against which I can display my cushions. I am so sick of my Pillow Parlance images and I figure now would be a good time to get a bit adventurous ( because I am not working at the moment). This is what I’m thinking………


A scene like the one above would be a perfect backdrop for my country florals. Actually, I found lots of places. So I am going to indulge myself and head down to the Southern Highlands with a carload of cushions and my camera and go for broke. Then I’m going to spend a whole afternoon at Berrima Patchwork, browsing……………..by myself……..with no one to say, “I’m not rushing you (much) I just want to know how much longer you’ll be”. Yes. That will be my present to myself…….before I go back to work……I might even stay overnight.

And these are the cushions I made from panels I bought at Berrima Patchwork.



Have a great week!!!!!



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