Girl’s gotta have a Winter’s coat…………

……but not this one thanks very much.

At a pinch it’s ok, no risk. I mean, it’s a lovely shade of ice apricot. I think that’s probably why I bought it. But my kids questioned me as to why I would put brand new Frankie in a cheap off the rack reject shop number, when I’m a ‘hand made’ freak. And I sort of got that. Plus, Frankie hated this coat with a passion. Every time ‘it’ came near her she would purse her lips and try desperately to rip it to shreds. She just wanted to kill it once and for all.

so, I came ’round and looked for a coat pattern. I nearly had a seizure when I found this one…….


Is that Frankie? It may as well be! This was meant to be. But would she like it?


Well she seemed to. So I got to work………and actually really enjoyed doing a small project. I found the yarn very nice to knit with…..soft on the hands with a nice little bamboo circular needle.


And this is the finished product!




Now doesn’t she look pretty. She’d make a beautiful cushion!!!!! And she loves it! She’s definitely a dog with breeding……..enormous respect for handmade! She wouldn’t put her teeth near this jumper if her life depended on it (and her life DOES depend on it).


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