The dress was wonky……….


I have sewn for a lot of years. I love sewing. But since starting this blog I am feeling a bit ashamed that I have not really honed my technical skills……..until now. I have decided to focus on the technical side of sewing as well as the look of the garments.

I am beginning with this Donna Karan. I have made the dress before and I absolutely loved it. But it was always a bit wonky……….not to the naked eye. But I felt it…..and it drove me to the point of distraction such that I threw it away. I just couldn’t deal with it. It was a bit like the Princess and the Pea.

So this time I’m going to work out where the ‘wonk’ came from and fix it. The fabric I have chosen it not nearly as pretty as the original but it’s a high quality light stretch that has a classic feel and I think it should work well. I am excited to get the dress again and I think it will be a good in between seasons number. This is the fabric……..


Wish me luck!


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