My ‘on the train’ project……


I’m calling it that because I have made this scarf travelling to and from work over the last few weeks. And can I tell you, I have found it unbelievably therapeutic. I have thoroughly enjoyed this project…… became a form of meditation because I had to concentrate enough to keep me focused, but not so much that I couldn’t zone out. And I think the colour and the softness and light weight of the wool contributed to the meditation experience. It was just a pleasure to knit…….2 ply Patons Embrace, knitted on a bamboo circular needle (3.25). And the big bonus??????? Kept me off the technology for an hour a day. Seriously, I am a big fan of craft on the way to work. It’s very relaxing.





I also wanted to tell you all that I’ve started a new blog and I’d love you to take a look. You see, I think success in sewing is so much about other things……the things that go to make up the whole look. I love sewing but am really driven by finishing a product so it looks good…….so it works. I have a few big projects coming up that I am a bit jittery over but they have to work. Two of them are formal dresses for my daughter and I’m really feeling the pressure…….for several reasons ie I don’t have much time, one is made from a very expensive silk and I am using patterns we have either drafted ourselves, or have no instructions included. It’s going to be a challenge but I am outcome focused. I will make each piece ‘sew it works’.


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