Fixing the wonky dress


I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to remake this dress. Last time I made it I absolutely loved the dress. But it felt wonky………sort of lop sided. It looked ok but drove me to distraction because it felt funny… I’d done something wrong. But I couldn’t work out what it was. I ended up throwing it out.

Finding the right fabric was a bit tricky. It had to be stretch but light. And I wanted a print……preferably a colour, but on the dark side because it is not a particularly flattering style. Black really does not suit me but given the criteria, I wasn’t exactly spoilt for choice so this is what I selected:


Although it was easier second time around, this is by no means what I would call an easy pattern………..too many tucks that go both ways, depending upon where they sat on the dress. It was very difficult to get them even.


Anyway, because it required a fair bit of concentration, I got up early and sewed before anyone else woke up…….and I finished it in 4 mornings.

Is this one wonky? happy to say I got the wonk out of this one. Not sure that I love it but it’s definitely a go anywhere, anytime, dress up or down comfortable dress………if that’s any sort of accolade!



4 thoughts on “Fixing the wonky dress

  1. Thanks Erin…….but I am selfish……..I cringe when I see all the beautiful work you do and give as gifts. After meeting you I vowed I would begin sewing for other people too ie give more.

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