PLEASE don’t sew!


I’ve taken to getting up early to sew. I love it! I get up at about 5.30 and sit there in peace, taking all the time I need to do things the long, right way (working on my technical skills). But here’s the thing. I have to sneak out of bed so Frankie doesn’t hear me. Otherwise, she begs me to play fetch with the teddy bear. She jumps up on my knees with the teddy bear in her mouth and drops it in my lap for me to throw it for her. And if I don’t, she leans on the foot peddle so I can’t work it properly! Honestly, she is worse than a baby…….I can’t put her in a cot!


Anyway, it’s easily seen I am between contracts. In spite of Frankie and other distractions, I have done a lot of sewing lately. Last week I took my daughter to Tessuti to buy the fabric for her formal dress. Now Tessuti has the most fabulous linens (and everything else) and I couldn’t resist this string tone for pants. I used an old McCalls pattern that I remembered as being HUGE. So I shaved quite a bit off the outer legs and was a bit disappointed with the end result. Of course I’d forgotten that when the pants were ‘huge’, I was a lot smaller!!!!! So they turned out a lot slimmer than I’d wanted and I had to omit the pockets…..the pants were just too tight.


You can see through the tatters that this is actually a good pattern. I will make the pants again in white and ‘shave’ a bit more on this time.

At the same time as I bought the linen I bought this beautiful stretch fabric in a putty. It sewed like a dream and I am so thrilled with the fit of the T shirt…….I drafted the pattern myself! Well not entirely by myself but pretty much. I started with a very basic pattern that I thought I liked. When I road tested the top I realised it didn’t sit properly…… I changed the neck. And I have to say, although you can’t tell from this photo, this is a great neck! One thing I have really mastered is shrinking the knit fabric, around the neckline, with the iron. The good old Knit Wit course……it so often stands me in good stead when it comes to knits.


Back to the formal dress. We bought a beautiful bronze silk. The formal is not for a few weeks but my daughter is panicking that the dress won’t suit her. She has begged me to get it started and finished so she can forget about it. But I had other ideas. I am going to a wedding on the weekend and wanted to make a dress for that, before I started the formal dress. So I compromised. Now I hope my friend Wendy is reading this blog because she will be pleased to know that her good habits are rubbing off on me. I made a toile! And what a great idea! Not only did it get the monkey off my back, it saved me from destroying the silk. And my daughter loves it!


Now……to bed or I will never get my dress for the wedding finished.


One thought on “PLEASE don’t sew!

  1. I’ve never made trousers before, so I’m always in awe of people who can make them fit! I also love your T shirt, the details on the sleeves are so nice

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