Assembly of birthing kits………

Today we held our annual birthing kit assembly day. The Zonta Sydney Breakfast Club and the Zonta Sydney East Club held a combined assembly event and packed 1000 birthing kits which will be allocated by the Birthing Kit Foundation of Australia, to a country of need ( Each kit contains soap, string, gloves, a plastic sheet and a sterile blade which is packed into a small zip lock bag. The kits are utilised in developing countries where mothers do not have access to hospitals





The United Nations (W.H.O.) estimates that 385,000 women die annually in childbirth. Developing countries account for 99% of these deaths. For every woman who dies in childbirth, another 30 women incur injuries and infections – many of which are often painful, disabling, embarrassing and lifelong.

Each day, almost 800 mothers die from complications in pregnancy and childbirth. One third of total global deaths are in two countries; India (50,000 per annum) and Nigeria (40,000 per annum)

This means that on average, 1 woman in 27 dies from pregnancy-related causes. However, 99% of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries. Almost all of these deaths occurred in low-resource settings, and most could have been prevented. (From the BKFA website).

The objective of the Birthing Kit Foundation of Australia is to assist in the prevention of maternal and neonatal deaths associated with childbirth. the provision of the birthing kits is integral to this objective.






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