What a bad mother!


I think I’ve probably told you that I encourage my girls to develop their own styles……….even though sometimes I have to smile through gritted teeth and pretend that I ‘get it’.

Well, you can imagine my excitement when my youngest asked me how to embroider a T-shirt! Yes! Maybe one of them would take up sewing after all!!Too exciting! And me? Mrs Encouragement………..every step of the way. Double bonus when she suggested we watch a movie that she is studying at school, while we do our sewing!!! My cup runneth over……..a chip off the old block.

So, I went with however she wanted to do it…….not my project……..I was just the trouble shooter. It took us more than one movie but it was looking pretty good.


For her first attempt at stem stitch, I was impressed.

Well, everything was going swimmingly and she finished the project yesterday afternoon so she could wear it last night. She got all dressed and ready and waited for me to cut the threads off the back of the shirt. She was beside herself with excitement over having completed a garment herself………..all that was left was for for ME to cut the threads……..which I did…………..only………………


I cut the fabric!!!!!!!!!!


Can you believe that? Neither of us could speak! I was SICK over it and she was devastated. The sum total of hours she put into that project would have been in the vicinity of 6 ……..at least 2 movies and them some. And do you know, I don’t think I have ever done that before……why HER top? And now I think I’ve cured her of sewing forever! I mean, if you were her, would you redo it?

But I’ve got a plan!


In between everything else today I will do some blue stem stitch!!!!!


2 thoughts on “What a bad mother!

  1. Awww. You must feel so bad. But I am sure the time spent together meant a lot and knowing you, you will have a new one all whipped up in no time! I am going to show this post to Maddie to see if I can talk her into a movie and some sewing!

    • I did feel bad, Erin. I nearly died when I saw what I’d done. But yes, we both really enjoyed the movies and I hope I have introduced her to the beauty of relaxing with hand sewing. Good luck with Maddie. Jane

      ps I have redone the shirt!

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