Good combination

20141029-233900.jpg I have just despatched an Etsy order for 2 cushion covers. One is pewter sequins and the other, knitted silver. 20141029-234041.jpg As I was wrapping the order, it struck me that the customer has very good taste, combining the two. I had not marketed them together and frankly, never even thought about it. Actually, it’s a pity that I never seem to have the time to do the part of Etsy that I like best……..trying different combinations. I think I could come up with some great looks…..endless possibilities. But I always seem to be one just project behind…always chasing my tail. But back to the cushion covers that I despatched today, I like the 2 different textures together ie the thick yarn with the very small sequins…..both from the same palette. It’s a great look. 20141029-235537.jpg Incidentally, poor little Frankie lost her dew claw when she was chasing a ball. We had to have it removed by the vet……that’s why the fabulous lime bandage!!! 20141029-235853.jpg


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