The Graduation and formal


The graduation and formal finally arrived. And my daughter was thrilled with the dress so it made the effort so worth it. I was painfully slow with this dress – it wasn’t difficult- I was just slow and I think that was because I was scared she wouldn’t like it. And also,  working with silk is tricky. Again, not difficult, just tricky because every pin mark leaves a permanent hole in the fabric! So there isn’t really any margin of error. The fit has to be perfect.

I was reluctant to make this dress because in her inimitable fashion, she couldn’t choose a pattern….she had a picture!!!! Now I’m good. But I need rules, instructions, directions, etc etc etc. I’m not very good at ad- libbing. But she was determined. She wanted this dress and so paid out of her own money to have  a pattern drafted.


And it was without a doubt the best pattern I have ever worked with. It was fabulous! What a pleasure it was to cut out around a cardboard pattern piece. And the markings were brilliant. Of course I had made a toile first to make sure the fit was right, but ultimately, the dress went without a hitch. The silk sewed like a dream.

imageimagephoto - Copy (5)photo - Copy (3)

I should add……ALL French seams…….even on the lining!!!!!!!!!! (even impressed myself)

AND……a lovely date who’s photo I did not include, given that I hadn’t asked him first.

Last day of school

Last day of school


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