Fun sewing for me……..

I so enjoyed making this bag. Sometimes I get sick of sewing things because I need to eg formal dress, clothes for me for work, something I promised to make to make for someone etc etc. Sometimes ‘fun’ goes out of sewing and ‘obligation’ steps in. And that’s when sewing becomes tedious……it turns into ‘just another job’.

So I loved the bag project. I saw the fabric, then a pattern, put everything else down and made this in a day…….and I love it! I also think it will make a very handy accessory. The bag took less than a meter of fabric and although it wasn’t meant to be lined, for me, part of the fun was matching the lining…….which is a dark green gingham.





The possibilities for mixing and matching fabrics here are just endless……that’s another part I like. And I couldn’t help but think that my son (yes, my son) would really get a kick out of one, if I made it out of a quirky fabric……..he has a very off beat style. I have to say that my daughters absolutely did not share that view!!!!

Looking back over these images I am thinking that I would really like a camera complete with photography course for Christmas! My photos are abysmal! This bag is fabulous but if you don’t see that, I get why. Anyway, I thought you might be interested in another option for handmade Christmas presents!