New Year’s day at the beach


foBronte Beach

I couldn’t tell you what the temperature was in Sydney today…..suffice to say ‘hot’! So hot. We did this beautiful Bronte to Bondi walk at 8am this morning and it was painful…..absolutely cruel…….in spite of the view. At times there was a bit of a breeze but overall…….HOT!


And if you think I’m a bit of a whinger, you’re right. I am. But you see, I have a northern hemisphere genetic code. I am not built for the heat and I really struggle in the Sydney Summer.  The humidity makes me physically ill and cranky. January, February and March are killers. But yes, otherwise, the  beach was beautiful and to the rest of the population, this was a  perfect day.


In terms of scenery, this is a magnificent walk. The views along this  walk are breathtaking…..a must see if you ever visit Sydney. Pretty good for the post Christmas hips too….about ten thousand steps to walk – up and down!


I thought you might be interested to see some  lifesavers, so I included this photo. There were hundreds  on the beach today and I believe there were quite a few rescues ie New Year’s Eves revellers who went for a swim before sobering up!


After our ‘relaxing’ walk, we headed off to Centennial Park for breakfast. Now that was enjoyable.


We could sit in the cool, under the trees and regroup. image


And there was a beautiful breeze blowing.

Sewing? Yes. Plenty. I burned the midnight oil before Christmas to make this beautiful 60’s number. I love the vintage look and I was so excited about this dress. On every fitting it promised the world. I looked a million bucks and I had decided to wear it out to a special Christmas function. I even bought shoes and a bracelet to wear with it. This dress  (D in the picture) just could not go wrong


But it did. Massively!!!!


Even though it was shaping up to be a perfect fit, when I inserted the zipper, which was the last step, the dress went completely haywire. In a fit of blended optimism and desperation, I unpicked and refitted every dart and seam. I spent hours on the thing. And finally, out of sheer frustration, I packed it in. I just couldn’t get it to work.

But never mind… didn’t stop me.  I dusted myself off and got up early on Christmas Eve  to  finish a shirt for my daughter for Christmas (a stocking stuffer). But alas, another disaster!

Happy New Year to everyone!!!!


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