Muslin top and skirt for March humidity.


Trust me. I am under no illusion about the quality of my selfies. But I don’t have a camera much less a photographer so sometimes they are a necessary evil.

This is an outfit I wanted to show you. It is made from muslin in a bid to construct something cool and comfortable for March, which is a steamy month with an occasional glimpse of Autumn. I chose this fabric because of the shade. It is a very pale ice green…..a colour that I love.


The construction was very simple. Tucks on the bodice front and 3/4 sleeves which are finished with elastic at the base. Because the muslin is so light and the weave is open, the top was lined with a white lawn from my stash.

The skirt was made from left over scraps of muslin and I ran up a half slip from the white lawn to wear under the skirt. Both have a elastic waist.

And the result? A deliciously cool and comfortable ensemble for under $10!! I think I will make another one in white.


2 thoughts on “Muslin top and skirt for March humidity.

  1. Your selfie is waaaay better than mine so brava you AND March humidity?…. What is that? ….. In Blighty (UK) we’d give our eye teeth for anything approaching humidity but the closest we get is steaming up the insides of our cars while we wait for the interior to get warm 😉

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