I am still here…………


When I started blogging I swore I would post regularly…….and in my mind’s eye I sort of have. Well I’ve meant to but things just got away from me. And it’s not that I haven’t been sewing because I’ve made so many things my wardrobe is positively stuffed.


I’ve made cushions, jackets, skirts, tops and gear for my daughters. I’ve had mostly successes and one major flop……a lovely black dress that I just couldn’t get to fit me.


But even though I haven’t been posting, I’ve been religiously devouring everyone else’s posts.


Anyway, I’m back and wanted to show you a few of the pieces I’ve made. As I am also back at work in a ‘very’ full time position and Sydney has turned deliciously cold, I am even more inspired to sew………I achieve far more when I’m busy and I love Winter clothes. So watch this space!!!!!





6 thoughts on “I am still here…………

  1. You certainly haven’t been resting on your laurels, what a lovely array of projects 🙂 and it’s certainly good to have you blogging a post again

  2. I have the same problem lol blog for months than take half a year off. I too spent my offline creating just seems like I don’t have the time or energy to tell anyone about it every time 😉 Very nice work!

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