Discovering Marimekko…………..

I cannot believe that this label has existed for so long without me knowing anything about it! That is to say, I knew about it but I didn’t KNOW about it. 20150802-173911.jpg This fabric could have been designed by me. I just absolutely love it and I think it is probably the best fabric thing that’s happened to me since I found Tessuti. There will be no stopping me ………and a nice 500 steps on the Fitbit from the office………..definitely a win win……exercise AND fabric! Sure. It’s not cheap. Don’t worry. I won’t buy I’ll just look😉 This is going to be the basis of my Etsy Pillow Parlance Summer range. And one more thing…..just so you know I am not into animal cruelty, I want to emphasise that Frankie actually fell asleep while my daughter did her hair in the sun. 20150802-174735.jpg 20150802-182318.jpg 20150802-182401.jpg


3 thoughts on “Discovering Marimekko…………..

  1. Can you believe there is a merimekko store in my building on Fifth Avenue at work? It calls my name daily but I resist. Lol. I love Merimekko too and spend a lot of time there buying presents for my in-laws from Finland. Hope you are well friend!

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