I know this is late   and such a pity because I had so much to say on 1st January. Blame it on the technology and never mind, I’ll say it all now.


This is a picture of two Tawny Frogmouths that my daughter and I woke up to early on New Year’s Day. Now we live 7kms from the centre of Sydney in a high density suburb so finding these birds in a tree just off our balcony was really something….and exciting on New Year’s Day. The spiritual meaning of the Tawny Frogmouth is: positive outcomes and end of limiting views: becoming part of nature and a strong relationship with the spirit world; oneness; adaptation to different environments; down to earth energies (from Totem Animals 27/6/15).

That was a really exciting thing to wake up to on NYD…especially for my daughter who has been nervously waiting to see if she was accepted into a course that she  desperately wants to do. She beamed when she read that the bird symbolises positive outcomes.  I can now tell you that she was accepted and she is over the moon……..I am not quite as excited because she will be moving to the country and I will miss her dreadfully. I will however see the positive side soon (eventually)……I mean, apart from the fact that she was accepted into a course that was made for her. I am happy for her. But just a bit sad for me.DSC00144


Now I know these cakes are way way out of time but I made them on January 1st because I had bought the ingredients to make the holly decoration and I wanted to try my hand at the leaves.  And they tasted the same on New Year’s Day. In fact, probably better because we’d had a bit of a break from eating and appreciated them a bit more.

But this is what I really want to show you.

DSC00193This is the Tessuti linen dress that I made on New Year’s Eve. And I just love it! The fabric is actually called mulberry and was reduced by 30% – I think it was an unpopular colour- there was plenty there- but it is very much in the chocolate family and actually a very workable shade.


the Annie Dress

DSC00150DSC00149DSC00148DSC00147You know, I don’t really like sewing….the process that is. What I like is the finished product and the sense of achievement……..not to mention the creative aspect. But honestly, I actually enjoyed constructing this garment. And that’s because it is linen. It sewed like a dream. It was beautiful to work with. Linen (like all natural fibers) pretty much guarantees success in my book. Anyway, it has decided me that my new Etsy thing, whatever it ends up being, will be all about natural fibers but particularly linen. I just cant get enough of it. Apart from sewing beautifully it is cool and it washes well. And it lasts! So now I am really excited about my new Etsy shop.

New Year’s resolutions? I have quite a few and I am genuinely excited about the year for that reason. Among the many, I am going to join Toastmasters, absolutely definitely travel to somewhere (probably a fabric tour of London with a sewing girlfriend), start a new Etsy shop ramp up my technical sewing skills.

Happy New Year to everyone!



2 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. It does look like chocolate – I think the colour is beautiful, it suits you very well! And congratulations to your daughter, waiting to be accepted to somewhere is always hard!

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