Vintage Vogue nightdress……as a dress

  I loved this pattern the moment I laid eyes on it. But I wanted it for a dress not a nightie. I imagined it being a cool simple, easy to wear dress, in linen. And I wasn’t disappointed. 
   The linen from Darn Cheap Fabrics sewed like a dream. The vintage pattern was a bit tricky but not really a problem because the construction was so simple. 

I’m a bit disappointed with the back because it is too low for a dress…….but easy to remedy next time. Incidentally, these images were taken at the Blow Hole at Kiama. For those of you who are not familiar with it, the Blow Hole is a fascinating rock formation that shoots a spray of water incredibly high and with enormous force, way above the rocks, when the waves wash in. It is also quite scary and has a history marked by tragedy. 

   On a brighter note, happy Australia Day.


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