Tessuti Navy & Lime Linen Ola

IMG_0235DSC00314This is the Ola modified to a short sleeved top. The fact that there is less fabric in my modified Ola is a plus for me. I absolutely love the Tessuti patterns but I think my body shape is such that I need a bit more flesh showing…….lest I should look completely eaten alive  by the garment! Short sleeves are also cooler for me.

I don’t think I modified the pattern in a technically  kosher fashion…I just turned up the pattern sleeves…fairly inaccurately. But it turned out ok just the same.


Now, the colours. I read in someone’s blog once that the natural shades are more attractive but that colours are more fun to sew with. I couldn’t agree more! I love experimenting with colour…all colours and mixing and matching  different shades is so much fun. I don’t know that the naturals are necessarily more attractive all the time…..that’s a fairly big generalisation. But I would have to agree that somehow, where clothes are concerned, I have more success with the understated tones even though I don’t think they necessarily suit me. And I also sell far more cushions in muted or natural tones than I do in the beautiful bold shades. And that’s the beauty of quilting and other crafts…..you can do whatever  you like with colours. The sky’s the limit.

So back to the top. Tessuti has the most unbelievably beautiful selection of linens. The colours are exquisite and I have been eyeing off this lime for weeks. I would have loved a dress in it but thought I might look like I’d been swallowed by a caterpillar so I resisted the urge. In this combination you’ll see I have carefully positioned the lime away from the face. Navy and white are my colours but the lime is a bit harsh….particularly this shade.

IMG_0231Now you’ve got to hand it to Tessuti for this method of sewing on binding. The handmade binding is sewn right side facing the wrong side of the neckline. After the excess fabric has been trimmed, the binding is turned to the right side of the neckline and stitched in place. A second row of stitching on the neck edge of the binding, completes the neck edge. It gives a beautiful finish.

Speaking of binding, I bought this little gizmo on the weekend. It’s  a binding maker.

IMG_0236.JPGI’m not exactly sure how it’s supposed to work but if the rave reviews from the sales assistant are anything to go by I expect it do everything besides wear the outfit! I hope it’s as good as it’s  cracked up to be…….I hate making bias binding but I love the look of it. I will keep you posted.


Have a good week!!!!


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