Peanut Butter Linen


When I first saw this fabric at Spotlight, I was betwixt and between about the colour. There was something about it that reminded me of old men’s trousers that are  out of date- not sure where that comes from. But as it was 30% off  (and 100% linen) I decided to get it anyway.  Then, when I got it to the counter the sales assistants raved over the colour  (even though there was heaps left on the shelf…..good sales people!). And I fell into the trap and bought a whole lot more, of course. Anyway, I looked at it at every red light on the way home, and by the time I got there, I’d decided I loved it. But I had to lose the ‘old men’s trousers’ image. I moved to peanut butter……..which I love. Far more appropriate.



I have grown to absolutely love this dress. The linen is beautifully soft and the dress  is so comfortable to wear.  I have actually lived in it over the last couple of weeks.

I used the Muumuu pattern again but cut the skirt a little narrower this time…..less bulk over the bust. I also made the shoulders wider and the neck, less ‘boat’ which made the dress more bra friendly overall.


The pockets- Now this is an easy pattern, make no mistake. But seriously, lining up those pockets was no mean feat. Button holes aside (which I could have omitted…the dress fits over my head), I spent more time getting those pockets level with each other than I spent on the rest of the dress! Next time I’ll have one only! On the pockets score, my friend Wendy taught me a very simple technique that I suspect I am going to thrash.


See the trim? I cut a strip of linen 2.5 inches wide, on the bias, and put it through the washing machine. It comes out frayed but apparently will not fray any further because of the bias cut. I just love it. I have seen that effect many times and always loved it but didn’t know how to do it.

The hem- This is the ‘Jane‘ technique…(feel free to copy!!). I turned the hem to the right side to measure it and decided to leave it that way. I liked it and so have sewn a couple of rows of stitching to prevent it fraying too much. I think it’s a good fit with Wendy’s pocket trim.

The buttonholes- mercy- not going there. I am unbelievably abysmal at them. Imagine my heart break when the dress went over my head without undoing them! But the buttons are lovely- little wooden ones.

I am thrilled with this dress and would recommend this pattern….even though the instructions for the bodice are very odd….I didn’t get them at all…must be a 60s technique .IMG_0411IMG_0396

Have a good week.


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