Happy Mother’s Day to me…….fool that I am!


Sunday is Mother’s Day. And so it starts.

True to form, my teenage daughter (who now lives away from home), texted me to ask me if there was anything in the Priceline catalogue (fragrances 60% off) that took my fancy. No mention of Mother’s Day. But she knew that I knew what she meant. So I came clean and gave her my usual spiel which is something along the lines of …….Look love,  Mothers Day is just a marketing ploy.  I really don’t want you to spend your money. The best present you could give me would be a call on Sunday.  I meant it.

Now had she been younger, I would have said …I’d love you to make me something. But at 19 she has neither the time nor the inclination nor the belief  that I would actually prefer something handmade. None of my children believe that. As little ones they’d  presents but they soon grew out of that phase and wanted to ‘buy’ rather than make. As adults/teenagers, nothing’s changed. It’s funny. I never believed my mother either. But I’ll bet there’s not one mother out there who wouldn’t agree with me. Those little cards and presents made out of all sorts of bits and pieces were priceless. And a handmade present from a teenager would be even better!

Anyway, back to my idiocy.

Feeling ironed out at the mere thought of a Mother’s Day ‘do’, I contacted my sisters in law to see if they thought a picnic might be a good idea …you know,  give us mothers a breather from ‘enjoying’ another Mother’s Day in the kitchen, slaving away for our Mother’s Day function so we can truly ‘celebrate ‘ being a mother.

I got one response……………And I suppose the picnic fairies will prepare the picnic? Hmmm. Good point. Lose, lose.

Back to the Mother’s Day ‘present’,  issue.


image by dreamstime.com

Now I absolutely mean it when I say I don’t want the kids spending money on me. I do. It really upsets me. They can’t afford to.

But that’s not to say that I don’t encourage them to think about a present……or gesture.  That’s part of responsible parenting and I don’t care how old they are. Thoughtfulness and generosity? …whole different story.  So,  when ‘What would you like for Mother’s Day, Mum?’ came up again today, I had no compunction saying, “Well what I’d really love is for someone to clean the house. That would be the best present I could receive’. And I DEFINITELY meant that.

Blank stare. I don’t understand what you’re saying. Not going to happen.

Hmmm. All looking a bit tricky really.  Lots to do and no one too keen on doing it.


Oh well, never mind…….not to worry. This was going to be a great Mother’s Day…..for all of us (meaning my 4 sisters -in – law and me)…just going to take a bit of creative thinking. And then…….lightbulb

That’s it!!!! I’ve got it! Why did it take so long for the penny to drop? I mean it was simple really…. just had to apply the formula! i.e.

Not much time + plenty to do  + would love a relaxed Mother’s Day = ME DO MORE AND WORK HARDER  ……………problem solved!  


  1. I got all my exercise in one place! Clocked up 11,000 plus steps on the Fitbit without having to even see the light of day!
  2. Managed to amuse myself for at least 5 hours!
  3. Didn’t cost a cent!
  4. Sniffed plenty of bleach, and got to work on ‘ruining my hands’
  5. Didn’t have to go near that wretched sewing machine! Man, this was building up to a big weekend!!!

I took some snaps to show you.



IMG_0848.jpgAnd there you have it! My beautifully cleaned house, scrubbed, waxed and polished by me for me for my Mother’s Day so that my sisters- in -law and me  (also mothers) can enjoy our Mother’s Day. What’s not to get?

On a serious  and more concerning note, I am under no illusion.   This speaks volumes about me! Yes. I am the nut job here. I completely get that. And do you know why I get it?  Well, after I’d worn myself into a frazzle, having spent many hours slaving, I looked at my clean house and felt……..wait for it…….I am embarrassed…….….cringe……would you believe empowered? Isn’t that sad? Empowered by having a clean house? I actually heard myself say the word empowerment in my head (maybe it was the bleach talking????), when I looked at the shiny floor  and it struck me that this was such an odd thing to feel. Sort of ‘funny’ too. Why empowered? Perhaps because it frees me up to do other things that I enjoy ….with less bleach? Not sure. But I will own the sentiment  …in all its political incorrectness and as embarrassing as it is.  I get an adrenaline rush from a clean house! There!

Anyway dear other Mothers, I hope I have saved you from ’empowering’ yourselves this Mother’s Day.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL MOTHERS and now please excuse me……I am off to wrap my Mother’s Day Present!!!! It will save the kids having to do it!






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