StyleArc Hedy dress and Estelle Ponte jacket

IMG_1040.jpgI love Ponte. But I have to say my hands felt a little worse for wear after making the Estelle jacket and then a black ponte dress (not here…to follow). So I’ve come to the conclusion that it makes up beautifully, sews beautifully and  presses well because it has so much body …..which also makes it quite heavy …which is tricky for someone who is prone to aching hands.


But I am absolutely thrilled with my Ponte jacket. I really wanted a cream waterfall jacket….even though I thought it was probably a ridiculous colour for a jacket….very impractical……and it is. But I love it! It is a Winter White Ponte that I purchased from the Remnant Warehouse. Mind you, there’s not a whole lot of ‘winter’ left in the white because before I’d finished making the jacket I smudged a bit of lipstick on the front. Stupidly (I can’t believe I actually did this) I Napisan- ed the front pieces and low and behold, when the jacket was completed I had a radiant white front and Winter white (cream) back and sleeves!!!!! So I had to Napisan the whole thing……now its all a bit too radiant.

But I still love it. It’s warm and comfortable and was so quick and easy to make. And it gives me a lift….and I wash it in the machine and put it in the dryer if I have to ……and it’s my rule breaker…….my mother would never have agreed to a white jacket for winter!


This is my cream StyleArcHedy dress that I wear under the Estelle Ponte jacket. This is made from  an interlock that I bought from Remnant Warehouse. This dress was super easy to make and is very easy to wear.

IMG_1006.jpgI love that it has pockets.


This dress is full of possibilities for a ton of different fabrics. I suspect this pattern will become a favourite.



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