Do I really have to do the markets?


Well…the answer is ‘yes’. I do have to do the markets…..for a whole lot of reasons. But the main one is because I absolutely do not want to! I hate selling at the markets! I think it’s right up there with walking down the street naked! You are so exposed! And as I’m writing this I am also confronting the fact that I am obviously paranoid.

But the thing is, when it comes to selling, on a scale of 1 to 10, I am at best a -5. It is just not my thing and that’s why I love Etsy so much…’s all behind the scenes and I am very much a behind the scenes personality. I just don’t like selling my wares ( my soul) to the public. I cringe at the idea of face to face selling…..of anything!

But I’m going to do it. And I’m going to do it properly. I’m all psyched up for it and that means immersing myself in it. So, to get to the point, a friend blogged about her market stall and I was so impressed, I have decided to follow her lead and get some props which is the subject of tonight’s post.

I will be selling cushions from the fabric featured above. So I have decided to feature one with some styling tricks, some bits and pieces. I thought a lamp might look good so I bought a second hand one from Vinnies ( opportunity shop) for $8. I removed the existing green shade and made a paper pattern for the new one. Then I searched through all my fabric ( wishing I’d managed to complete the colour coding exercise! ) and found this red with a little bit of the blue that is also featured in the caravan. I also dragged out my old faithful black pom pom braid.

I then re watched a YouTube video tutorial and set to work. My craftsmanship leaves lot to be desired but I am really happy with the overall result. I like the lamp. It will definitely work well with the caravan cushions at the markets. I am also thinking that making lamp shades is a skill I wouldn’t mind learning, you know, for a break from the fine motor stuff………..but I could be wrong on that point. It’s more likely that I didn’t use fine motor skills…………which is why I couldn’t show you a close up !